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MRP Plus provides comprehensive production & inventory management features designed to optimize the flow of goods from vendor to customer. Whether your issues are with inventory management, shortages, productivity or quality control, MRP Plus is there providing your staff with the information they need to overcome the daily challenges of responsible materials management. Easy to use screens, consistently arranged, provide real-time information to all areas of production and inventory control. Make to order, make to stock and mixed mode manufacturers will find MRP Plus is easy to understand, easy to use, and yet, a most comprehensive and powerful business solution.

Engineering Change Orders, Material Requirements Planning, Physical Inventory & Quoting Bill of Materials, Inventory Control, Work Orders and Capacity Planning Purchasing & Shop Floor Control Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Costing, General Ledger and Financial Reporting Sales order processing, Invoicing & Sales Analysis
  • Integrated with purchasing, stocking parameters can be set with safety stock, reorder points, reorder quantity, EOQ, & Min/Max/Multipliers
  • Inquiry's provide drill down capabilities to documents and transactions from all sub-systems
  • Location and Lot/Serialization control with historical reference
  • Bar coding capabilities
  • Unlimited levels on Bills of materials with 8 decimal quantity per assembly precision, component scrap factor and "Copy Bill" functionality
  • Lead Time Offset (used for Just-In-Time Inventory Control)
  • Phantom Bills and Kitting features
  • Reference Designators, ECO interface and comments supported on BOM structures and Inventory Masters
  • Single-Level and Multi-Level Bill and Where-used Reporting with export to web and Excel spreadsheet
  • Capacity/routing structures support with operations and work centers that maintain capacities, efficiency and burden factors
  • Work orders support backflush or issue for materials, modifiable component and routing structures, labor accumulation, bar codes on travelers for shop floor data collection and outplant operations

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