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From requirements to the shop floor, MRP Plus gives you everything you need to keep your plant working at peak capacity.
The MRP generation process provides a seamless bridge to production and purchasing with all the information you need to make productive and timely decisions. Engineering change orders are integrated to the bills of material structures to prevent the type of costly mistakes inherent in disparate software systems. The MRP Plus Physical inventory system provides you with the ability to assure your stock level information is accurate. These extensions and more help you bridge the information gap between departments and assure you of a smooth transition from requirement to production.


Engineering Change Orders, Material Requirements Planning, Physical Inventory & Quoting Bill of Materials, Inventory Control, Work Orders and Capacity Planning Purchasing & Shop Floor Control Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Costing, General Ledger and Financial Reporting Sales order processing, Invoicing & Sales Analysis
  • MRP utilizes master schedules which supercede sales forecasts while sales orders consume sales forecasts
  • Integrates shop calendar in planning process
  • Allows for manual planning of firm planned orders and modification to component (BOM) and routing structures on plans and sub-sequent work orders
  • Provides rough cut load graphs & multilevel pegging for what if scenarios
  • Utilizes net change and/or regenerative processing
  • Supports discreet, re-order point, ECO, Min/Max/Multiplier and make-to-order (Job shop) rules
  • Supports phantom (make-on-assembly) logic
  • Calculates shrinkage by part & utilizes bin item planning
  • Work order and Purchase order conversion from plans is accomplished via an easy to use interface that incorporates planning, simulation, and modification tools on a single screen
  • Comprehensive engineering change order and disposition information is retained along with revision numbers
  • Effective dates are maintained on bills of materials with ECR# for referral and future incorporation of ECO's in BOM's
  • Performs mass bill of material changes
  • Complete physical inventory sub-system with tag assignment and variance reporting features

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